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Organizations and programs on campus are provided with their own  online community to communicate with members and manage their events, calendars, files, dues, websites, and much more. Each student organization is part of the larger Lafayette community. LAFSync allows Campus Life and Student Government to empower student leaders with the ability to manage their organizations more effectively. Organizations are able to, among other things: manage organization records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours and meeting attendance, collect dues, and significantly reduce paperwork.

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Organization Categories and Descriptions

Academic & Pre-professional
Academic and Pre-professional organizations allow members to explore a particular academic field or area of intellectual interest. Students do not need to have declared a major in that particular area to join an academic or pre-professional organization.


Arts organizations include groups that appreciate and create art in all its forms, as well as organizations who perform in front of others via dance, theater, or music.

Class & College-wide Organization

Class and College-wide organizations better the collegiate experience through College-wide programming and events that increase interconnectedness between all Lafayette College students as well as class-specific initiatives that target individual class years and the needs of its members

Community Engagement

Community Engagement organizations interact positively with those outside of the Lafayette campus community, benefiting the larger region through acts of service, volunteerism, and philanthropy.


Cultural organizations celebrate and educate about a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and identities. This may include or relate to any ethnic, racial, or language group.

Fraternity & Sorority

Fraternities and Sororities include any Greek Letter Organization that is values-based and promotes the following ideals within its membership: brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership development, scholarship, and/or service/philanthropy.

Media & Publications

Media and Publications are student-run organizations that provide information to the greater Lafayette College community via written, visual, or aural communication.

Peer Counseling & Peer Education

Peer Counseling and Peer Education organization members act as role models and mentors, providing consultation and programming for students on a peer-to-peer level regarding a variety of topics and areas.

Recreation & Leisure

Recreation and Leisure organizations provide an outlet from other responsibilities and allows students to de-stress through a variety of activities including competitive and non-competitive sports as well as non-athletic pursuits.

Religious & Spiritual

Religious and Spiritual organizations focus on faith or beliefs and include worship and non-worship groups whose membership and purpose is religiously-based.

Residential Community

Residential Communities allow their members to live and learn in communities linked by common interests, backgrounds, and identities, which supports the holistic learning and personal growth of its members.

Social Action, Government & Political

Social Action organizations encourage its members to think critically and take action to create reforms that result in a more equitable campus community and larger society. Political organizations revolve around governmental and political structures, issues, and policies.